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The Disney of your foodie dreams

Today we went to Disney Sea! It was awesome and I highly recommend trying to build it into your Tokyo itinerary.

TL;DR verison of tips

  1. 1. Get there early! 30 minutes is good enough
  2. 2. This lets you get those fast passes (top 3: toy story mania, tower of terror, journey to the center of the earth)
  3. 3. Of the 3, journey is the most unique (cause not in the states) then tower of terror (different but also the same)
  4. 4. Go get your next fast pass when the ticket says you can (usually at the time your fast pass is ready for another ride)
  5. 5. Scope out all the snacks you want try (some are only at Disney sea vs Disneyland! Read below for what I liked; Fave: smoked chicken leg)
  6. 6. There are TONS of different popcorn buckets (refer to this website: https://tdrexplorer.com/tokyo-disney-popcorn-guide/)
  7. 7. The map for the day tells you where to get certain flavors
  8. 8. Go to Bigliterria early for a lottery to the Big Band Beat (it's awesome; if you win, no waiting in line; if not, you have to wait for crappy seats usually like an hour)
  9. 9. The park shuts down WAY earlier than 10p (or whatever time they say; about an hour before), so try to get most things done before this like those stalls that have your snacks or your souvenirs will be closed
  10. 10. Download TDRalert. It's an app that tells you all the wait times for all the rides AND the fastpass ticketing (we used this to maximize our fastpasses and minimize line waiting). also has a map with restaurants too.
  11. 11. Go into the areas fully to get the submerged experience of each area (like Triton's Kingdom area, etc)
  12. 12. All the rides are super friendly about having a place to put your baggage

We left Tokyo station and got to Disney Sea at about 830a. You will need an additional 260 yen for the Disney specific line from Maihama (Doable commute from Tokyo but I would have loved to stay at the Hotel Miracosta in the park). People in Japan get here super early!! The lines were already super long when we got there and people designate “runners”, but 30 minutes early was good enough for us because our goal was to ride most of the rides we couldn't see in California. People also wear matching outfits with HUGE EARS or HATS from Disney. Like dressed full out in matching clothes, not necessarily outfits. Maybe I was Russell from UP, maybe not.
Even on the train, you know it’s Disney
The opening door line

I took off when they started letting us in with all 3 of our tickets in my pocket and SPED walked to Journey to the Center of the Earth. I got tickets for 9:50 am (I think if you want to prioritize Toy Story Mania -- go here first! This is where all the Japanese people run to or rather I wish we had gone to wait near the fast pass booths at 9:50). We then headed to my first snack of the day:
Chinese chili popcorn in a Buzz Lightyear popcorn bucket (I wish I had gotten a different bucket but I love Buzz nonetheless)

After this, we ran over to Biglitteria to use our tickets to enter the 1:50p showing for Big Band Beat. We got super lucky and WON!!! The lottery gives you the best seats too. We were front and center about 6 rows back. If you don't win, people recommend going to wait for the very first showing of the day because there are no lottery ticket winners so there are more seats and better seats available. although I think our day was less crowded overall because a later showing had only like 20 people in line 30 minutes prior to showtime (typically should do 1 hour before).
People waiting for a show in the middle of the park

We then headed straight to get Gyoza dogs at Nautilus Galley (near 20000 leagues under the sea) which are huge buns wrapped around a pork cabbage filling. I really liked this. The bun was soft and slightly sweet and blended well with the "gyoza" filling. I only wish there was some dipping sauce...mmmm.


We went to 20000 leagues under the sea, which I thoroughly enjoyed because they put you in a "submarine" and fill the windows with water to really make it seem like you are traveling underwater. It was really well done and the wait was only like 20 minutes.

After this, it was time to go use our fast passes (this is where I wish I had known to plan a little better and would have already picked up fastpasses for another ride at 950a before coming back). Journey to the Center of the Earth was super fun and is kind of a cross between Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and Matterhorn. I highly recommend checking this one out!!

We then wandered toward Lost River Delta to get Fast passes for Indiana Jones. We then headed to Sultan's Oasis for Chandu's tail to only find that they stopped selling those and could only get Chandu's bun. It is a fluffy bun filled with chicken curry. This tasted good but the curry could have been more flavorful and more abundant. It was more cute than tasty.
Raja and me

We then wandered the Arabian Coast and Mermaid Lagoon not realizing there were entire sections inside these areas that fully immerse you in that theme! Found these later that night. We did hop onto Sinbad's Storybook Voyage which is like a happier more cheerful version of Pirates of the Caribbean and follows Sinbad and Chandu on his journey. Worth a look if the wait is short (I think ours was 5 minutes)

Waiting for Indiana Jones, we grabbed the delicious tropical flavored popsicles everyone seemed to be eating. This was good just because I was thirsty and it was a bit warm out. Tasted like any other popsicle but it's mickey shape so you got to try it.
People dressed in uniform with Hamm and Slink dog heads

We rode Indiana Jones (before this we picked up fast passes for Nemo and Friends Searider) and it was similar to the American version in many ways only I want to say Japan's was scarier and more jerky. Still cool to see how differences play in different countries.

Then it was time to go watch the Big Band Beat. GO WATCH THIS!! It is so awesome. It is a 30 minute show that literally has a BIG LIVE JAZZ BAND playing the entire time with people dancing and singing including Disney characters!! I really enjoyed it and I am amazed how Disney pays for all these people at the parks.
Waiting for the show to start

After being entertained, we headed to the American Waterfront where a huge cruise ship is docked and went towards Toy Story Mania (as the fast passes had closed I think by 1130a). We first went to pick up Alien Mochi Dumplings at a cart in between Toyville and Tower of Terror (can also get at Mama Biscotti's in Mediterranean Harbor -- actually was selling a little container that looks like the claw game with it!). The mochis are 3 different flavors: custard, chocolate, and strawberry. My favorite was custard.
Popcorn Bucket Buzz near Cassie

We ate these as we waited in the 80 minute long line for Toy Story Mania. This was our only true line for the day and Tamara had never been on the one in the states so we were ok waiting. I also love the Toy Story Mania ride. It is so fun shooting at animated VR screens. Just make sure your feet are prepared to wait.

Tamara picked up some Strawberry Popcorn, which is good if you like sweet popcorn. But I'm not the hugest fan of this.
Tower of Terror with Easter decorations

After this, we went to get our last fast passes of the day at Tower of Terror and then went to Port Discovery via the Electric Railway that takes off from the American Waterfront. The wait was about 15 minutes and takes you on a 5 minute train ride (sit on the L for views of the harbor). This brought us back to Nemo and Friends Searider just in time for our fast passes. The line at this point was 60 minutes. This is a simulation ride that is actually very well done with effects and would be really fun with little ones as well.

Feeling hungry, we went to get the Ukiwah Buns (means "lifesaver" in Japanese) at Seaside Snacks in Port Discovery. These are shrimp and cabbage in a bun (supposedly and pork). I really liked this one as well but I think I still liked the gyoza dog better (This was Tamara's favorite). Our friend got honey popcorn as well and this was not good (DONT GET IT).
I was still feeling hungry so we basically started a rapid shopping and food tour before Tower of Terror. We went next to Lost River Cookhouse to get a Spicy Smoked Chicken Leg. (We had seen a really long line earlier in the day and this came highly recommended by my cousin. We only waited like 10 minutes). This was MY FAVORITE snack of the day. The smoked chicken meat is super tender and juicy and has that extra smokiness you get from a turkey leg only less dry and more flavorful!!! We also tried the mango tapioca drink which I didn't care as much for because of the combination of mango and almost like 7up.
Truly where dreams come true

Still hungry (I really wanted another leg but I never made it back. :() we headed to Arabian Coast to try Casbah's food court but first we decided to check out Aladdin's Magic Lamp Theater. The area in this section is super cool and really feels like you are in Sultan's palace. I would not recommend waiting for this Magic Lamp Theater because 1) it's a live show all in Japanese with jokes that kind of miss the mark when you don't understand 2) was not as well done as other things we saw today. Then we went to try the highly recommended curry at the food court. This was a cross between Indian and Japanese curry. We had the beef one that was flavorful but I didn't eat that much of it and wish I had had more chicken leg. Disappointed I headed straight to the curry popcorn cart.
(curry and Chinese chili were my favorite flavors)
Inside the food court
So awesome at night
Curry popcorn

Drowning in curry popcorn, we explored Mermaid Lagoon more. Triton's Kingdom is AWESOME. It was completely lit up at night and was a complete underwater submersion. This is also a great place for smaller kids as the rides are tailored to that and there is a smaller indoor playground. We went to Mermaid Lagoon Theater. I HIGHLY recommend this as well!! It is actually a story (obviously all in Japanese) about Ariel and she is FRIGGIN dangling from the ceiling like Cirque Du Soleil only with Little Mermaid themed music. It was an amazing show to watch and not what we were expecting at all.
Sha la la la don’t be shy

By this time, it was time for Tower of Terror but not before I got some Garlic Shrimp popcorn. This was REALLY strongly flavored. Too garlicky and a little too shrimpy. It was ok but not my favorite. I ended up mixing it with the leftovers of the curry popcorn but I couldn't make my way through all of it.

We hopped into the Tower of Terror line and instead of being a twilight zone hotel, the story is about some evil doll playing tricks on you. The Disneyland (CA) tower of terror is better (better view at top and cooler theme). BUT I feel like this had way more drops and we definitely suspended for quite awhile in that antigravity state.

We tried to head to Teddy Roosevelt Lounge in the ship after but apparently it was already close an hour before the park was done and the fireworks were 1.5 hours before the park closed, so we sadly headed towards the entrance to go shopping in all the huge stores at the front. The park is SUPER empty at this hour unlike the states and the light up choices for ears and toys are pretty scant.

I headed to Mama Biscotti's for one last snack and chose a custard bun with Mickey on it. The custard was tasty but was a little scarce and the bun was not as fluffy as I wanted it to be but did have like a citrus hint to it.
What a world.

After exploring the parks inside, we stopped by IKSPIARI mall to find the Disney Store (a lot bigger than the ones in the park; kind of like Downtown Disney). It was fun exploring what this store had but I ultimately did not pick up any more souvenirs before calling it quits on our journey back to our hotel.

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Shin ramen and Tokyo skytree

Shin ramen museum, Tokyo skytree

Today we headed back to Tokyo.

I left early to meet with Nammy in Yokohama. We went to the Shin ramen museum to eat ramen in the cool built ramen street! Last time I was here, we went to cup noodle museum so it was cool to see the difference. Shin costs 300 yen for admission but really the main attraction was the ramen stalls which are placed in a 1950s urban Japan era! We went blindly following the longest line to eat at Rishiri Ramen Miraku, #2 stall. It displays the wait and said 30 minutes but I don’t think it was that long. This ramen shop actually is only open for 2.5 hours on the island of Rishiri (super far away and difficult to go to) and is known for their SOY SAUCE based ramen infused with kelp form that region. I got the special shoyu ramen and it was delicious!!! The broth was nice and light and not super fatty but super flavorful and the noodles were the perfect chewiness (apparently earning Michelin Guide "Bib Gourmand"). I would totally eat here again but not because of the museum part (basically one large poster). I wish we had had more time and belly space to try other ramens as each is based from different types from different regions. There was another smaller floor full of random little shops that were quaint and some sold drinks or dessert and even a candy shop. It really placed you in a different time period.

That long line was for Rishiri

After a warm belly, we parted ways and I went back to Tokyo. I checked back into Grids akihibara and headed to Tokyo Dome City because the baseball team is Yomuiri Giants!! Being the good SF baseball fan girl, I headed to the Ball park store for cool Tokyo Giants gear. This area is really cool with a mini amusement park but I really need to come back to watch a game at the HUGE Tokyo dome. I’d recommend going to the Ballpark Store if you are a baseball fan (mostly Yomuiri Giants gear but other Japanese team gear as well). There was a G shop (Giants Store but super small) and an under armor one too. I bought some souvenirs and couldn’t help but stop by the Shake Shack here....
Go Giants!

I had a banana pudding shake and a burger. If you like bananas, try this shake if you are around here. It was creamy but very banana filled. The burger was also better than the one I had last in Boston. It was cooked at the perfect temperature with fluffy potato bun. Mmmmm. Worth it.

I then met up with Tamara and our other friend to head to Tokyo Skytree. Our room was finally ready and the room with private shower was the way to go! We got double the space and a couch but still our cute capsule style beds.

We saw KFC at the entrance and decided to try a piece. The breast meat was very dry but the dark meat and skin was crispy and tasted decent but not better than the states.

We then went shopping around the mall for souvenirs and goodies before going to the skytree tower. We bought tickets online and there was no wait! So get it online first. I love the view up there and we went at night so we could see the brilliant lights. We also went up to the Tembo Galleria which was way worth it (I don’t think I thought it was worth it last time). After that, it was about 9p so we went to the 6th floor of the mall and ate at とんかつ新宿さぼてん 東京スカイツリータウン・ソラマチ店 for tonkatsu. It was so delicious. They ran out of the better cuts of pork so not as buttery as Katsukura but still that panko was so delicious. Mmmm I’ll miss this katsu.

Elevator going up
View from the top

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Miyajima and Hiroshima

Miyajima, Hiroshima, memorial peace park, memorial hall, atomic bomb done

Geez. The weather matched my feelings today. It was gloomy and rainy throughout the day as we went to pay our respects at Hiroshima.

We got to the Peace Park at around 10a and headed straight for the aqua ferry near the A dome. (From Hiroshima station to Peace Park, there is a 200 yen — maybe free with JR rail pass— sightseeing bus that leaves right at the exit of the North exit; You can actually take this round trip like a mini Hiroshima bus tour for an hour and then get off at your designated spot) This ferry is super smooth and is the fastest way to get to Miyajima. We bought a round trip ticket but I think I’d recommend doing one way with JR (free with jr rail pass; ferries near the torii gate) and one way with this aqua ferry (2000 yen one way, 3600 round trip). We got to Miyajima and beelined it for the famous Torii Gate that sits in the water. It was pretty low tide when we got there so it wasn’t quiet as submerged and grand and high tide but it was still pretty remarkable and we got to walk out closer to it. What an incredible structure.

At high tide, this shrine looks like it’s floating

We then left the gate to walk around Miyajima itself. Super cute little town covered with shrines and DEER. Less than Nara but every bit as aggressive and for just paper (no biscuits here). We had some time before our ferry back so we stopped by Miyajima Itsuki for coffee ice cream. It was so creamy and delicious, good for a snack. I wish we had had more room in the belly to eat the grilled oysters in Miyajima but instead we headed back to Hiroshima.
Factory for Hiroshima manju (maple leaf shaped cakes filled with paste — i had a couple and not worth trying)

When we got back, we went to Ekohiiki, known for the different cooked oysters!! They have lots of lunch sets ranging from 1000-1500 yen. I’d recommend what Tamara got, the deep fried oysters!! I got a seafood sashimi bowl and it was decent but a little fishy cause of the sardines (clearly not Nakajima). We then shared the grilled oysters and butter pan fried oysters. All versions well really delicious but I think I liked grilled oysters the best!! Mmm make sure to use all the lemon.
The front
Grilled oysters
Butter sautéed
My sashimi bowl
Deep fried oyster set

After eating, we went to the Atomic Bomb Dome (A dome). This is one of the remaining structures that has been preserved exactly as it was after the atomic bomb dropped. The impact of that explosion with heat and radiation killed people instantly and decimated so much of the city. It’s hard to look at this building and imagine.

We left and headed for the memorial hall to pay our respects to the 140000+ victims. We sat in on a reading from survivor memoirs and it was incredibly moving and incredibly tragic. One of the poems was a girl addressing her older sister who left that morning and never came home. I can’t even imagine if that happened to me.

an atomic bomb
by Hatsumi Sakamoto (written when she was in 3rd grade; 3yo when it happened)
whan an atomic bomb falls
day becomes night
and people become ghosts

A huge panorama placed in 360 of what it looked right after the decimation

We then went through the prayer hall and watched a video of a survivor recounting her story. You could easily spend the whole day here listening to everyone’s stories. Very heavy. But the point of them recounting these stories is for us to remember that nuclear weapons cause pure and senseless devastation and we all need to work towards a more peaceful world.

After listening to these memoirs, we went to the museum (smaller cause it’s going under renovations). It was very crowded but worth the admission. We did add 200 yen for an audio guide but it basically just reads the signs to you. We walked through all the artifacts and the end was the most impactful. There were articles from people who did not survive and a wall with a stain of the acid rain that happened after. One of the most popular stories is about Sadako, a young girl who developed leukemia after the radiation started a challenge of making 1000 cranes as a way to fight her cancer, but despite all her efforts, the leukemia was too overwhelming. We did not realize that we should have created some origami cranes to contribute to the memorial and I wish we had known before arriving.
Memorial bell for all children lost to the bomb
Some of the art created by donated cranes

Trying to push back the tears, we finally headed to Full Focus for the 6th floor (this is located directly across from Hiroshima station on the South side near ASSE) where there is an okonomiyaki stadium. We walked around but all the stalls were packed at around 7p. We finally saw an opening at one of the stalls, OUGI. We sat down and had Hiroshima style okonomiyaki!! I had one with chicken and a fried egg on top. And Tamara had a cheese one with added kimchi. Mine was good but Tamara’s was way tastier and that kimchi added a layer of freshness and tangibles that offsets the fattiness of the rest.

The Stalls
Cooking mmmm

The difference between the okonomiyakis is that Hiroshima ones have separate layers and not all the ingredients mixed with the egg. This leads to a crisper crunchier cabbage. It is also placed on top of a crepe and topped with an almost scrambled egg on top. The sauce is also different and no mayo! This stall also included noodles in every okonomiyaki.

The winner of the okonomiyakis for me is probably Osaka’s but Tamara liked Hiroshima. Ideally, I’d have a combo of the 2 kinds with the sauce and crisped top layer of Osaka and the crepe and layered out cabbage of Hiroshima. Mmmm i didn’t know i liked okonomiyaki so much.

Before leaving Hiroshima, we stopped by BAKE Cheese Tart at the station. This is popular enough that we even have some in the states but according to Tamara, Japan’s tastes better. These cheese tart when they are warm are like melty little fluffs of cheese cake but when they cool off they are more close to actual cheese cake. I highly recommend getting these or something similar in Japan.

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Kobe, Kobe ropeway, pirates of osaka

Today, we asked, “where’s the beef?” We headed to Kobe looking for Kobe beef obviously. Funny thing is that 2 separate Japanese people we encountered told us that Kobe is just a name brand kinda like Kobe Bryant. And that Miyazaki prefecture now has the best beef but oh well, we as Americans had already bought into it.

We headed to Kobe and went straight for lunch to Yazawa West at the end of Chinatown! We loved walking through this Chinatown to see how different and how much cleaner it was to SF. Basically every stall is a restaurant trying to sell you similar food but what really is cool we’re the street vendors which we saved for after lunch.

We had the 100g tender red meat lunch set 3700 yen which comes with rice, salad, and soup. This meat was delicious but not the must tender or buttery steak I’ve ever had. It was worth trying for the price but obviously wasn’t a high grade of beef. Leaving our 100g behind, we went straight to a stall to eat 200 yen Peking duck crepes!!! Mmmm. Worth the price but legit Peking duck is better haha. Also i think the 350 yen places were probably tasty just by looking at the cuts of skin.
Tamara then ate a sesame panda bun that she says was pretty good but really cute haha.

We headed to the Kobe Ropeway and herb garden after. I highly recommend making this detour! The herb garden was gorgeous and smelled so wonderful. The ropeway is a gondola that brings you up the Rokko mountain and gives you a view of the entirety of Kobe and Osaka in the distance. When you get to the top, you can stroll through the herb garden towards the base! We made it to mid point and got some delicious strawberry “Savarin” (bread soaked in rum covered with strawberries and custard and cream). It was delicious and perfect on a sunny day paired with a baby champs (Moet). What a way to spend the day. You could bring picnic goods as well and just kill a day in the sun as well as the hammocks they have scattered in the garden!! We capped our snack with a 5 min herbal foot bath. This is on the side of the glasshouse looking at the view and it’s free!! (Except if you want a towel for 100 Yen). My feet appreciated this bath but I was wearing skinny jeans and those did not roll up high enough to not get soaked so try to wear loose pants if you are coming here. (There were also these cool wooden posts so that you could leave your camera and take selfies)

So delicious and refreshing

After indulging ourselves in the sun, we went to Kobe Ishida to indulge ourselves in the belly. We ordered the special steak A5 grade (one sirloin 130g and one tenderloin 130g) and sat at the teppanyaki table. We didn’t need any reservations as there was no line and we got there at opening at 5p. We had a lady chef and she cooked all of our dishes for the meal beautifully. It was like really really fancy Benihana. The second we are the wagyu steak though, I was in heaven. The sirloin is tender and flavorful but has a very slight chew vs the tenderloin that is tender and melts straight into your salivary glands. I think I prefer tenderloin but only slightly. Feed me any A5 beef and I’ll devour it. The other dishes were good but nothing compared to the steak. We capped it off with vanilla ice cream and compote and I realized that vanilla ice cream tastes amazing paired with hoji cha (the sweetness plus the bitterness). Mmmmm drooling again.
Tenderloin (there was more but it was cooked a little longer)

We left Kobe super full and went to Dotonbori again to catch a cruise on the canal to use our amazing pass one more time. The ones closer to the big Don Quijote sells out super fast and the lines are ridiculous but I think the tour guide speaks to you and it’s more entertaining. We actually went to Pirates of Osaka (farther down) and took this because they had spots and there was absolutely no wait. I enjoyed the quick 20 min cruise on the river, looking at all the lights, all the bridges, and all the people. There is no explanations or music on this boat however if that’s what you are looking for.
Still full, we opted to not get more gyozas (now I’m sad about it haha) and headed home.

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Osaka — Kitchen of Japan

Eat Osaka, Osaka Castle, Umeda Sky Building, Japan Night Walk Tour

First true Osaka day! We let ourselves sleep in a bit and headed straight to Eat Osaka near Tennoji Park for our homecoming class! THIS WAS SO FUN AND AMAZING. Our chef, Yasuko, was super sweet and knowledgeable and spoke great English. She even made sure to take TONS of photos of us cooking our meals. We realized we were cooking a lot of Japanese food improperly, including miso soup (miso paste to hot water NOT boiling). The first thing we made were julienned pickled carrots (using real Santouka knives). Then we made rice flour balls (like Mochi) to be ready for dessert. She then taught us how to make real TAMAGO. Tamara made a hella good one that was fluffy with barely any whites (fluffier the better and all yellow so beat those eggs!). We then marinated some boiled spinach with freshly ground sesame seeds and soy sauce. After that we collectively made a big pot of delicious miso soup! Her tofu was so much softer and silkier than the packaged stuff in the states. We finished off cooking with ginger soy sauce pork! And we all sat down to eat everything that we had prepared after putting some brown Japanese molasses and sesame powder on our Mochi balls. It was really tasty and I’m planning to perfect my Tamago, so good luck whoever has to eat my trials.


She actually convinced us to buy some stuff at Daiso so that we could replicate the meal but still didn’t find a Tamago pan!

We left happy and full and went straight to Osaka Castle to use our 2 day amazing pass (about 2500 Yen; I highly recommend getting this because it includes entry for a lot of things as well as all the subway lines and buses are free). We went to the museum and enjoyed the view from the top! It was cool to see the castle in the day versus the night and enjoy the cherry blossoms scattered all over. The cool thing about Osaka Castle is that it was designed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi, who was born to poor farmers, but worked hard and was a great strategic warrior that he took over his master’s kingdom as well as unified Japan!! We blew through the museum so we could try to get on the Gozabune boat that goes around the most of the castle (free with pass) but there were too many tourists and the tickets were sold out (so go early if you go!).


We decided then to leave and book it to Umeda Sky building. The pass lets you in for free (normally 1500 yen) before 6p (and what we learned is that it’s fine as long as you are in line before this time because we got there at 545p but then had to wait like 45 min to go up). We went up the 39 floors and got to enjoy awesome sunset views of Osaka and all its bridges!! But we did take a small ice cream slash beer break to sit before taking in all the views. It was cool to go to the rooftop and see 360 panoramic views.


After taking it all in, we went to Dotonbori (which apparently was a man made canal!). This area IS INSANELY packed with tourists and SO MANY LIGHTS/billboards/screens. It’s both cool and terrifying. We went to join the Japan Night Walk tour (free with pass), which is a short 45 minute stroll throughout the area. We followed 2 guys named Kazuki and we basically just kept asking them about ALL THE FOODS to eat. (Also they were shocked that we have matcha kit Kat’s and pocky in the states....) They actually said most locals go to the Namba area just because it’s so crazy in Dotonbori but we got to see more quieter and cool side alleys. But after walking and smelling all the delicious street vendors, we were famished. We tried to go to Kani Doraku but they were completely booked. We decided to get Japanese Gyozas (huge potstickers landmark). THESE WERE SO DELICIOUS. The filling was perfectly salted and the skin was light and thin with the perfect crisp. It hit the hANGER straight on. We dipped it in soy sauce and hot sauce. Best 250 yen I could’ve spent!! (There’s another location that is way less crowded near Nihombashi)

All the lights
Famous Glico Man (thanks for all the pocky)

After taming the beast a bit, we headed to Fugetsu (Also in Dotonbori) for okonomiyaki, Osaka style. Tamara and I split a Fugetsu okonomiyaki (without the noodles) and Fugetsu yakisoba. They cook the okonomiyaki right at your table, so be sure you don’t touch it until it’s completely done (meaning mayo and sauce poured by them on top)!! The yakisoba comes cooked but stays warm on the table along with the kimchi and corn we had ordered. The yakisoba was not my fave but it was still yummy. I’d recommend just sticking with okonomiyakis here! The kimchi was also hella delicious because it had that slight sauté flavor with squid bits!! After eating these, our okonomiyakis were finally ready! Omg the mayo and sauce with the melted bonito flakes are the PERFECT symphony of salty and slightly sweet with a whole ton of umami. It was so delicious. The cabbage does come out a little on the softer side just because the eggs and everything are mixed together before pan frying it. Mmm I’m drooling just thinking about it again. Thank you, Osaka!
Ready to cook
Bonito flakes
The sauce sign of ready to devour

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