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25,000+ Steps in Taipei

I think we may have overdone it the first day. We are wiped. We had to brace ourselves for sitting a bunch of times and took a mini nap on the MRT. But it's okay. It was worth it.

I woke up pretty early and started googling places. Found Loco Foods which was only 0.4 miles away from us. This is a really hole in the wall place and there was a line but it went quickly. (Disclaimer: If you are planning to share food because you are trying to try all the foods, do not eat at the place but get it to go or else they charge you for 2 people.) We really wanted to try this "hash brown" pancake thing which was really thin pancake wrapped around eggs, onions, and pork. It was really delicious, tasty, and crispy and they give you a ton for ~$2. We also were eyeing this yummy looking custard that everyone was eating for we paid another $2 for a milk tea and milk custard combo. Fair warning....if you see sauce that looks like caramel that comes with your food, smell it or taste it first cause it may be soy sauce based sauce for your savory pancake.....just saying. The milk tea was also perfect combo of flavor and not too sweet.
We then headed over to the Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall. Dr. Sun Yat Sen was the founding father of the Republic of China and pushed for democracy. He studied medicine and somehow traveled the world and changed Taiwan. Julia wonders if she was a man back in those times, would she have been as ambitious or achieving? My answer for myself was I wouldn't even come close and I probably wouldn't even have made it to higher educations. Anyways, at the top of the hour, there is the changing of the guard. I would show you pictures but it is a picture of Asian people taking pictures. Instead , I'll show you the grandeur of the outside of the building and the flowers surrounding it. There is also a fountain with a water show that runs right outside. It kind of reminded me a lot like Lincoln Memorial only instead of the reflecting pool, there is a water fountain and flowers.
Then we went right back to eating all the things. We walked over to Ice Monster and ordered the Mango Sensation. It was thinly shaved similar to Blockheads but minus the condensed milk laced in and instant melt the second it hits your tongue. The mangoes were really fresh too. I'm still debating if I liked this better or blockheads (in LA) better. Taiwanese people also eat dessert EARLY!
We walked it off heading towards City Hall, which I highly DO NOT recommend. We were rejected a visit and headed for Taipei 101 Mall. This mall is ginormous and has every fancy and expensive branded store you could imagine. Mainly, we sat in here and enjoyed the AC and rested.
After feeling hungry enough again, we placed our name for a table at the legendary Din Tai Fung. It was a 40 minute wait. We ordered the pork xiaolong baos, truffle and pork xiaolong baos, and spicy wontons. The pork xiaolong baos were some of the best I have ever had but Nan xXiang Xiao Long Baos in Flushing still win for me. I do not recommend getting the truffle ones because it was way too much truffle and tasted like buttery mushrooms. The spicy wontons though were on point and topped with house special XO sauce.
We then headed to ATT 4 FUN which is literally across the street. And it was the typical Asian Mall where you get a lot of tiny boutiques and put multiple ones on different floors. The food court was really cool though (Floors 4-6) and very well themed.
We walked to one more outdoor mall and watched some street performances before heading back to Taipei 101 Observatory. This is currently the 5th (soon to be 9th) tallest building in the world but has the fastest elevator in the world (1010m/min) . The view was unlucky today cause it was foggy and gloomy but it is still something every tourist should visit (it cost $500 NRT).
IMG_4364.jpg The memorial hall from above!large_IMG_4366.jpg
This is the mascot of Taipei 101. It is called Damper Baby because it looks like the wind damper on the 88th floor. The eyes and mouth are 101!It can be pretty annoying.
We rested at the food court of Taipei 101 for a bit to muster up the courage and energy to brave Raohe St. Night Market.
So many food options and random knock off shopping options. They sell fakes that look real and try to charge you real price! Also, if you left a phone charger at home, you can replenish here.
The fruit i mentioned before! "Wax Apple" and the green one is "Custard Apple"
A cotton candy shaped into a teddy bear!!
Green onion pancake!! We ate this and it was hot and delicious. So fluffy. Could've used some soy sauce though.
if you come here, you HAVE to get the black pepper buns. They bake them in this clay oven which leaves the bun super crisp and thin and the pork filling is fatty and tasty....nomzzzz. worth the wait! Also, I was specifically looking for this but it was right at the beginning of the market, just look for the long line!!!
Look at them working hard to stuff those buns!
Candied fruits!
Oakland. Smokin'. This was so random.

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